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    March 22, 2018 What You Will Learn:  Timeliness Productivity Working without supervision Trustworthiness When: 9:00am - 11:00am Where: Tulsa... More

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    Welcome to Workforce Tulsa.


    Workforce Tulsa fuels economic development by connecting businesses in our region with job-ready talent through public/private partnerships.

    As a private-industry led board of 50 leaders from around Tulsa, Osage, Creek and Pawnee counties, the Tulsa Area Workforce Investment Board works to ensure that the workforce system - made up of employers, job seekers, trainers and educators, government agencies and non-profits - is operating as efficiently as possible so that limited resources are being utilized as effectively as possible. We know that workforce is one of the most important components of economic development for our area, and we focus on meeting the needs of industry in our market.

    Success Stories.

    Shelby Benson

    When Shelby Benson first enrolled in the Workforce Tulsa Youth Program, she was an unemployed, single mother, with the goal of earning a certificate within the Health Care Industry.  Shelby had already graduated high school, but lacked the funding and work readiness skills required to attend a post‐secondary training.

    In order to prepare her for a career pathway and future training, Shelby’s Career Manager signed her up for a two week Work Readiness and Academic Readiness Workshop. Shelby attended these workshops each day with a motivated, positive attitude. Shelby’s strong leadership skills became apparent throughout those two weeks, as she led her peers by setting a wonderful example, and even tactfully telling them when they were being disrespectful and inattentive. Shelby’s kind nature and mature presence was well received by her fellow classmates, allowing her to earn their respect and become a leader among her peers.

    After successfully completing the Academic Enrichment Workshop, Shelby was able to increase both her math and reading scores to a proficient level and successfully earn a Career Readiness Certificate. Upon completion of the Work Readiness Workshop, it was clear that Shelby was ready to be placed in a Work Experience. Shelby’s Career Manager placed her at Hillcrest Hospital for 6 weeks in order to provide Shelby with a more hands on experience in the healthcare industry prior to training. The Work Experience is meant to assist a youth in deciding if a particular industry is a good fit for them. Some find after completing the Work Experience that they would prefer to change their career interest. For Shelby, however, it only solidified her goal of becoming a healthcare worker. Shelby received wonderful evaluations from her supervisors throughout the experience. Once again, Shelby stepped into the leadership role with her fellow interns at Hillcrest, going above and beyond by offering rides to each of them to and from Hillcrest. Shelby would calmly confront some of the less developed interns when they were talking or acting inappropriately at the worksite, allowing the other interns to also grow professionally.

    Based on Shelby’s track record for always displaying a positive attitude, an eagerness to learn, and a determination to be successful, her Career Manager felt confident that she was ready for CNA training. Shelby’s Career Manager signed Shelby up for a Wings Certified Nursing Assistant class that began on September 12th. Shelby received high marks throughout her training and successfully completed her course work on September 26th. Shelby took the state certification on September 28th and passed with flying colors. Shelby interviewed with Grace Hospice the very next day, and was hired on the spot as a CNA at $11.00/hour. Shelby is very excited to begin her new journey as a healthcare professional. Shelby states that this is just the beginning for her. She plans to continue on with her education and earn her Registered Nursing License. As long as Shelby maintains her hard work ethic and motivation to continuously develop and grow, there is no doubt that she will succeed in all that she sets out to do.

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