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    HOT JOBS Recruitment Event

    June 1, 2016 When:  9:30 am Where:  Workforce at Eastgate, 14002 E. 21st, Tulsa, OK   Come meet with an Account Manager to discuss... More

    HOT JOBS Recruitment Event

    June 2, 2016 When:  1:00 pm Where:  Workforce at Eastgate, 14002 E. 21st, Tulsa, OK   Come meet with an Account Manager to discuss... More

    Goodwill Industries of Tulsa - Tulsa WORKS Orientation

    June 7, 2016 When:  10:00 am to 12:00 pm Where:  2800 Southwest Blvd., Tulsa, OK“Career preparation plus community networking... More
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    Welcome to Workforce Tulsa.

    Workforce Tulsa fuels economic development by connecting businesses in our region with job-ready talent through public/private partnerships.

    As a private-industry led board of 50 leaders from around Tulsa, Osage, Creek and Pawnee counties, the Tulsa Area Workforce Investment Board works to ensure that the workforce system - made up of employers, job seekers, trainers and educators, government agencies and non-profits - is operating as efficiently as possible so that limited resources are being utilized as effectively as possible. We know that workforce is one of the most important components of economic development for our area, and we focus on meeting the needs of industry in our market.

    Success Stories.

    Troyce Lewis

    Troyce Lewis is a 21 year old living in North Tulsa. In
    August 2012, Troyce signed up for the youth program at the age of 17. From
    the start he was thrilled to become a member of the program, after noticing how
    his cousin had such favorable outcomes with the assistance of training and supportive services. After a few months of being involved with the program, Troyce began participating in career club trips, workshops, and other youth activities that were available to him. The following summer he acquired his first job with the Oklahoma Eagle through the Summer Youth Employment Program. The experience he obtained was monumental and still valuable to him. His Oklahoma Eagle supervisors immediately humbled him by demonstrating the appropriate way to answer phones for a business, file documents, how to annunciate his words clearly, and even how to make coffee. At the end of the summer, Troyce had gained a plethora of confidence, knowledge and was recognized by both supervisors, family, and himself.

    At the beginning of 2014 Troyce began actively pursuing his GED certificate. This
    journey was unexpected, and underestimated. Originally, Troyce planned to
    graduate high school from Tulsa Central in 2013. However with the new
    requirement of having to pass the EOI exam(End of Instruction Tests) Troyce was
    unable to pass the math exam and did not earn a high school diploma. This
    experience was devastating to Troyce, but he set his mind to overcoming the situation. The transition was not easy but he was determined to earn his GED certificate to fulfill his career goal of becoming a Sports Broadcaster. In February 2016, Troyce passed each test: Math, Science, Reading, and Social Studies. Although this part of Troyce’s journey is complete, it wasn’t easily done and was at times extremely frustrating to him. He took his math test six times! Troyce states he now knows the true meaning of faith and the process of patience.

    Troyce participated in 2015 Summer Youth Employment Program at Tulsa Shock. He continued to volunteer for the Shock after his work experience ended. Troyce is currently still attending GED classes so he does not fall behind in his studies. He plans to start college this fall. At this time he has an unpaid internship with the Tulsa Twisters. Troyce has also started a mentorship program called Young Visionaries. 

    Troyce Lewis on Young Visionaries: "Far too often we lose young men to negativity such as gangs and the street life. Likewise, we lose the other amount of young men to sports. As Young Visionaries, we aspire to present a new team to be a part of where like minds, and people that may not be involved in sports, new fads, and/or negativity can gel, and thrive together. This mission that I’m speaking of isn’t something that I’m putting off later 5 to 10 years from now, it’s now! I assist the Tulsa Dream Center kids program. YV has been helping the kids ages from 8‐13 with their reading skills, and with their homework. The Young Visionaries are involved in shooting short films, skits, photos, videos, and also charity work. Workforce Tulsa helped inspire this move by showing me that creative outlets, and opportunities can begin to shape, and mold a young teens mind. Workforce has helped me become a better young man, and for that I’m forever grateful!"

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